Where To Begin?

Sometimes, I sit down at my computer and the words just flow. Other times, I stare at a blank screen with no clue where to begin. The cursor pops in and out, in and out, diligently taunting my lack of inspiration. Even the best writers have experienced it, but you don't have to be a writer or blogger to know where I'm coming from. I've had it while writing papers, emails (particularly at work), presentations, and even sometimes thank you notes. My mind draws a blank and I have no idea what to write next.

So, what do you do? This article has some great tips - after reading it I laughed because I actually practice many of these when I get writer's block, but I've never realized I was doing it. Specifically, I eliminate distractions, mainly in the form of cleaning. There will be times when I sit down to write and an hour later, there are no words on screen but my entire desk is spotless. When I get stuck, I also practice freewriting, which is where you ignore punctuation, thought process or any sort of structure and you just write whatever comes to mind. This particularly comes in handy when I'm at work (advertising copywriting can lead you down deep writer's block ruts) but many times it will also result in an interesting twist that I hadn't thought of before.

I'm curious, what other tips do you have when facing writer's block? Do you de-clutter and let your mind wander like I do, or do you do something more structured?


  1. Story of my life. Sometimes I go for a short run and the ideas just blossom. This probably happens because I'm in the middle of something with nowhere to write them down!

  2. I've definitely been down this route many times. I'm in marketing and do a lot of copywriting as well, so it happens a ton at work. I do freewriting a lot, like you mentioned, but I also go and look at people, brands, or other things who inspire me or even whose writing style I like. A lot of times that helps spark an idea that had nothing to do with what I'm reading but it broke through my writer's block.

  3. We've all been there! Something that works for me is picking up my latest read and just sitting down and breaking up my writing a little.

  4. Too many times have I been faced with this! I like to just walk away from my desk or wherever I am writing and go for a walk or run. If my mind is still drawing a blank a go around again. That's me trying to come up with ideas and stay on top of my fitness--killing two birds! haha!

    All That Glitters

  5. Ahhhhh, writers block! As a writer for the living, I have the pleasure of dual writers block–when I have to write for the magazine, all I can think about is blog stuff and vice versa. What helps me is to just remove myself from the situation–take a walk, work on a separate project or, if I'm home, go hang with my roommate and chat. My writer's block comes when I'm too in my head and can't be creative, so taking a step back helps me!

  6. I just got beyond a month-long bout of writer's block. At least we've all been there, right?

  7. I think I've experienced writer's block since I was five! It happens to all of us. I usually walk away from the computer for a bit if I can't shake it, or I go write in my journal (another form of free writing, I suppose). That always seems to get my brain going.


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