Last Rooftop Sunset

One of the hardest things to say goodbye to when the weather starts to cool is rooftop sunsets. Not that you can't have them when temperatures dip {a sunset it nondiscriminatory, after all} but it's just not the same unless you can park on a chair with a glass of wine in hand, overlooking the city from a birds-eye view.

With fall officially beginning this week, I swung by my bestie Jess's after work {wearing this black turtleneck dress from ShopBop} for some rooftop gazing. Will it be the last one of the year? I hope not. Last year I remember a day in mid-October when it was 80 degrees, so maybe we'll get lucky and have a repeat this year and have a few extra rooftop rendezvous. But, as you never know what may come, I soaked up every moment of that gorgeous view. And you know what realization I left with? It's going to be a fabulous fall.


  1. You make turtlenecks look cool, Emily. :P

  2. Love the leather jacket!

  3. ur style is just lovable ,,, keep ur beautiful smile on girl ,


  4. I love sunsets; the world just seems so beautiful! I actually did a short little post on sunrises today! This is certainly a gorgeous time of year.

  5. Absolutely love your braid!

    aka Bailey


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