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Are you sick of me talking about my wedding, yet? If you said "No", don't worry, I still have a few more posts up my sleeve. If you said "Yes", well...humph. Let me have my moment few months, okay? I still get butterflies when I think about our big day, and luckily I'm able to continually spill all thoughts and ramblings over at the Wedding Party blog.

In case you've missed the last few and are craving a big dose of wedding chatter (For all who meet this criteria, I'm sending a big virtual high five), here's a little round up of my latest posts over on their corner of the internet!

:: Modern Options for Mother + Son Dance Songs ::
Iggy Azalea is mentioned, but not in the way that you'd think.

:: A Simple DIY To Recycle Your Wedding Flowers ::
Go get a milk jug and let's do this thing.

:: 6 Notable Etsy Wedding Invitation Designers ::
All hail the great Etsy & the amazement that comes with it.

:: Lessons From A {Very} Recent Newlywed. Part I ::
My tops lessons learned from the planning process. Hint: Lists are your best friend.

:: Lessons From A {Very} Recent Newlywed. Part II. ::
More lessons learned, this time focusing on the big day. Indeed, it does include having an escape plan.


  1. Drooling. I'm using you for all of your knowledge once I'm planning. I'll pay you in chocolate and champagne.

  2. I've been married for four years and I still love thinking about my wedding. Enjoy this sweet time as a newlywed!


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