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:: This week, I did the official fall closet switch. Yes, my summer essentials are now packed away for upwards of 6 months, and my long coats and boots are front and center. There's just something about swapping clothes that makes me excited. Changing seasons are a major benefit of the Midwest, and though I definitely have my favorite, there are aspects of every one that I thoroughly appreciate. For fall, that list is pretty long. I love the changing leaves, cider, crisp air, chunky sweaters, cozy nights, and opportunity to hit refresh. Emphasis on the comfy sweaters. I'm excited to have outfits like the one pictured above on constant rotation - comfy + casual is my favorite way to dress.

:: Speaking of changing seasons, the shorter days are harsh reminders that you need to soak in every ounce of daylight while you can, and the cooler weather means that when there is a warm spurt, bundling up and enjoying the outdoors is a must. Such was the case this week when Doug and I had a double date with Kelly {Be sure to swing by her blog --> Kelly in the City} and her husband Mitch at Homeslice. We sat outside and were perfectly warm near the heaters while drinking perhaps too much wine and laughing the entire time. The "Be Awesome" sign hanging in the patio was a perfect reflection of the day and our fabulous new friends.

:: For your browsing pleasure :: I splurged and got an iPhone 6, and it's every bit as fabulous as everyone says. This may be boring news to you, but I'm not kidding when I tell you I. Am. Obsessed. with my new toy. #GeekTalk :: This week's crushes include golden bows, stripes, & a charming peach coat. Also, this hoodie? A must have. :: Grimes tells us how to be a boss and the result is one of the best articles I read all week. :: Speaking of boss ladies, here's the Mindy Kaling Guide to Entrepreneurial Domination. :: Ed Sheeran. Swoon. {Err...Sorry, Doug.} :: In other musical news, Maya & I won tickets to the Demi Lovato concert next week and I can't wait. {Am I a tween? Yes, indeed. No shame.} Thanks, Jess! :: This dinner set up is so perfectly whimsical. :: In case you missed it, this week I blogged about the Anthropologie fall fashion show, incorporating summer staples into your fall wardrobe, and how to make a DIY photo backdrop.

Hope your weekend is beyond fabulous! 


  1. Love this series and I'm so jealous you won the Demi Lovato tickets! Have a wonderful weekend and I hope I get to see you soon!

  2. I've been pondering buying the 6...I think a trip to at&t is in order ;) When I visited Chicago in September I went to Homeslice and it was so much fun!!

  3. I really want to wear that outfit in pic 1! Also, super jealous of your new phone, I don't think I'm due for an upgrade for a while :(

    xo, Blair — The Fox and She

  4. Yay for chunky sweater season!


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