A Lesson From Ralph

When I spotted these Ralph Lauren Couture pants at T.J. Maxx I audibly said, "Yeeees" and claimed them as my own. They were a bit more expensive than my normal pant purchases, but I loved them enough to bite the bullet.

Here's the thing: That was 5 years ago. I can't tell you how many pieces in my closet I've worn a few times and they've never seen the light of day again, but these pants have been worn year after year, season after season, and they never get old. That's the benefit of a classic investment piece, which good 'ol Ralph has taught me through these wide-legged beauts. He's a wise one, that Ralph.

Another classic? A t-shirt, which I paired with these trousers & heels, and loved how the combination created a cool yet collected vibe. The second lesson here, my friends, is that you most certainly don't need jeans to rock a T. Not one bit. And even though Ralph didn't teach me that one, I'm sure he would agree.
Photos via Maya McDonald of Charmingly Styled

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  1. Love these pants! They remind me of my favorite pair and those, too, were an investment. SO worth it!

  2. so pretty!!! and is it creepy that I think I know exactly where you are?!

    Blair — The Fox & She

  3. Isn't it the best when you buy something fall in love with it year after year?! Your pants are amazing! Great purchase! You should tell your 5 years ago self 'thank you' for that one:)


  4. Those are lovely and timeless! Yay for classics!

  5. those pants look fantastic on you emily!

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