Cape Town

If there's one thing that's certain about Midwest winters, it's that you have to be prepared for anything. One day the thermometer could be in the single digits as you hurdle through wind tunnels pushing you backwards, and the next you could be faced with a totally bearable day where you oh-so daringly proclaim, "You know, winter's not so bad!" The below photos were taken on one of those bearable days while home in Michigan, when it was crisp more than cold and a cape was gladly opted for over a coat. A quick walk downtown told me that I wasn't the only one with capes on my mind as a plethora of women and I walked by each other with a "You know what's up, you sassy cape girl" smile of approval.

And so, I shall state it again, you must be prepared for anything with Midwest winters. Days when the arctic feels like Florida, and days were capes are all over town.

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{Cape in photos is Banana Republic but is no longer available. However, this option from Etsy is amazing!}


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